The High School Season (10s) got off to a good (if delayed) start on Saturday, April 1st. <br />
The highlight of the day being the first half of the opening game between <font color="#FF0000"><strong>St. Augustine's Big Red Machine (SAC)</strong></font> and <font color="#0000CC"><strong>Doris Johnson Dragons</strong></font>. The Dragons were heavily favoured to win this contest, and yet SAC held them level until half time. The shock was, however, enough for the Dragons to rally and finished comfortable winners (27-5).<br />
<br />
The other highlight was the final match of the day, in which Dragons and CC Sweeting combined to play a fifteens match against SAC and Govt. High. The score wasn't important, but the exposure was, this being the first full match many of these young players have participated in:<br />
<br />
<strong>Scores from Week 1:</strong><br />
<br />
<div align="center"><table align="" width="360" border="2"><tr><td>SAC</td><td> <strong><font color="#FF0000">5-27</font></strong></td><td> DJ Dragons</td></tr><tr><td><br />
CC Sweeting</td><td> <strong><font color="#FF0000">10-0</font></strong></td><td> CR Walker</td></tr><tr><td><br />
Govt. High</td><td> <strong><font color="#FF0000">10-5</font></strong></td><td> CV Bethel</td></tr></table></div><br />
<br />
Table for Week 1:<br />
<div align="center"><table align="" width="390" border="1"><tr><td><strong>Team</strong></td><td> <strong>W</strong></td><td> <strong>D</strong></td><td> <strong>L</strong></td><td> <strong>+</strong></td><td> <strong>-</strong></td><td> <strong>Bo</strong></td><td> <strong>Pts.</strong></td></tr><tr><td><br />
<strong><font color="#FF0000">DJ Dragons</font></strong></td><td> 1</td><td> 0</td><td> 0</td><td> 27</td><td> 5</td><td> 1</td><td> 4</td></tr><tr><td><br />
<strong><font color="#FF0000">CC Sweeting</font></strong></td><td> 1</td><td> 0</td><td> 0</td><td> 10</td><td> 0</td><td> 1</td><td> 4</td></tr><tr><td><br />
<strong><font color="#FF0000">Govt. High</font></strong></td><td> 1</td><td> 0</td><td> 0</td><td> 10</td><td> 5</td><td> 1</td><td> 4</td></tr><tr><td><br />
<strong><font color="#FF0000">SAC</font></strong></td><td> 0</td><td> 0</td><td> 1</td><td> 5</td><td> 27</td><td> 1</td><td> 1</td></tr><tr><td><br />
<strong><font color="#FF0000">CV Bethel</font></strong></td><td> 0</td><td> 0</td><td> 1</td><td> 5</td><td> 10</td><td> 0</td><td> 0</td></tr><tr><td><br />
<strong><font color="#FF0000">CR Walker</font></strong></td><td> 0</td><td> 0</td><td> 1</td><td> 0</td><td> 10</td><td> 0</td><td> 0</td></tr></table></div><br />
<strong>KEY:</strong><br />
W=won; D=drawn; L=lost; +=scored; -=conceded; Bo= Bonus. A <strong>Bonus Point</strong> is awarded when the teams turns up, on the pitch, on time, <strong>ready to play</strong>. Pts.= Points<br />
<br />
Many thanks to John Isaacs &amp; Pete Muscroft for refereeing the games.<br />
<br />
One disappointment was that we'd hoped to begin the girls' season today as well, but it now seems we'll have to wait until next Saturday.<br />
<br />
Also, next Saturday, we'll see the opening games of the <font color="#FF0000"><strong>BRFU Stella Artois Men's 7-a-side Season</strong></font>