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  • One session said to turn around (England's) World Cup campaign

    <font color="#FF0000"><strong>One training session turned around England's dismal rugby World Cup campaign last year when the defending champions were on the verge of elimination, according to coach Brian Ashton.</strong></font><br /> <br /> <em>England, humiliated 36-0 by eventual champions South Africa in the group stages, rallied to beat Samoa and Tonga and reach the knockout stages where they defeated Australia and hosts France to reach the final for the second successive tournament.</em><br /> <img src="http://www.rugbybahamas.com/images/Ashton.jpg" align="" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="390" height="249" alt="" /><br /> In an interview in The Independent newspaper on Thursday, Ashton described the notorious emergency meeting when the team sat down with the management to thrash out a survival plan after the South Africa defeat.<br /> <br /> Autobiographies published since the tournament by former captain Lawrence Dallaglio and Mike Catt have suggested Ashton was out of his depth as coach and the players had been forced to take command.<br /> <br /> <blockquote><p><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/start_quote_rb.gif" style="float:left;vertical-align:top" /><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/end_quote_rb.gif" style="float:right;vertical-align:bottom" /> "There was a good deal of talk, very honest talk, and everyone who wanted to make a contribution did so. Contrary to popular belief, there was no swearing that I can remember," Ashton said.<br /> "What I do remember is a considerable amount of disagreement between the players themselves about things we'd done in the buildup to the tournament. What emerged was a need for clarity." </p></blockquote><br /> <br /> <!–more–><br /> <br /> Ashton said the tournament had turned around during a training session in Versailles.<br /> <br /> <blockquote><p><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/start_quote_rb.gif" style="float:left;vertical-align:top" /><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/end_quote_rb.gif" style="float:right;vertical-align:bottom" /> "It took us one training session in Versailles, conducted at half pace, a session witnessed by quite a few members of the public who couldn't have understood the significance of what they were watching," he said.<br /> "It was a matter of going back to the principles we'd discussed at our camp in Bath in late June. The moment that training session was over, I was confident we'd get the victory we needed against the Samoans." </p></blockquote><br /> <br /> Ashton, 61, who made his reputation as a free-thinker at Bath and a lover of the open game, agreed England had been far from exciting in France.<br /> <br /> <blockquote><p><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/start_quote_rb.gif" style="float:left;vertical-align:top" /><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/end_quote_rb.gif" style="float:right;vertical-align:bottom" /> "Yes, I would have liked us to have played a more challenging variety of rugby during the competition. We weren't the most fluent team by a long way, or, I suppose, the most interesting," he said.<br /> "But there was a great deal of satisfaction to be derived from reaching the final, given where we were at the start of 2007… around eighth in the world rankings and struggling badly." </p></blockquote><br /> <br /> Source: <a href="http://uk.reuters.com/article/rugbyNews/idUKL1780797820080117" target="_blank"><u><font color="#0000CC"><strong>Reuters</strong></font></u></a>

  • 2008 RBS Six Nations Schedule

    <img src="http://www.rugbybahamas.com/images/6nations.jpg" align="" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="390" height="304" alt="" /><br /> <em>All times are Bahamian.</em><br /> <br /> <div align="center"><strong><font color="#666666">Saturday, February 2</font><table align="" width="200" border="1"><tr><td><font color="#009900">Ireland</font> v <font color="#0000CC">Italy</font> (9am)<br /> England v <font color="#FF0000">Wales</font> (11.30am)</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> <font color="#666666">Sunday, February 3</font><table align="" width="200" border="1"><tr><td><font color="#0000CC">Scotland</font> v <font color="#0000CC">France</font> (10am)</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> <font color="#666666">Saturday, February 9</font><table align="" width="200" border="1"><tr><td><font color="#FF0000">Wales</font> v <font color="#0000CC">Scotland</font> (9am)<br /> <font color="#0000CC">France</font> v <font color="#009900">Ireland</font> (11am)</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> <font color="#666666">Sunday, February 10</font><table align="" width="200" border="1"><tr><td><font color="#0000CC">Italy</font> v England (9.30am)</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> <font color="#666666">Saturday, February 23</font><table align="" width="200" border="1"><tr><td><font color="#FF0000">Wales</font> v <font color="#0000CC">Italy</font> (10am)<br /> <font color="#009900">Ireland</font> v <font color="#0000CC">Scotland</font> (12noon)<br /> <font color="#0000CC">France</font> v England (3pm)</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> <font color="#666666">Saturday, March 8</font><table align="" width="200" border="1"><tr><td><font color="#009900">Ireland</font> v <font color="#FF0000">Wales</font> (8.15am)<br /> <font color="#0000CC">Scotland</font> v England (10.15am)</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> <font color="#666666">Sunday, March 9</font><table align="" width="200" border="1"><tr><td><font color="#0000CC">France</font> v <font color="#0000CC">Italy</font> (10am)</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> <font color="#666666">Saturday, March 15</font><table align="" width="200" border="1"><tr><td><font color="#0000CC">Italy</font> v <font color="#0000CC">Scotland</font> (8am)<br /> England v <font color="#009900">Ireland</font> (10am)<br /> <font color="#FF0000">Wales</font> v <font color="#0000CC">France</font> (12noon)</td></tr></table></strong><br /> Source: <a href="http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/rugby/six_nations/article1586161.ece" target="_blank"><u><font color="#0000CC"><strong>Times Online</strong></font></u></a> </div>

  • Kenya Beat England in George Sevens

    <font color="#FF0000"><strong>As the 2007/08 IRB Sevens World Series continues in George, defending champions New Zealand were slow to start with Kenya in pool A making several threatening breaks, but ran out 19-0 winners after tries from Edwin Cocker (2) and Israel Dagg.</strong></font> <br /> <img src="http://www.rugbybahamas.com/images/SIMIYU_SEVENS.jpg" align="right" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="225" height="225" alt="" /><br /> <em><font color="#FF0000">The defending champions were more clinical against Zimbabwe with Dagg scoring two of New Zealand's seven tries in a 41-0 victory after captain DJ Forbes had touched down the opening try.</font></em><br /> <br /> England also started with a victory, overcoming Zimbabwe 24-7.<br /> <br /> However, hopes of a Cup quarter-final were dealt a blow when two tries by Kenya's captain Innocent Simiyu saw his side run out 17-7 winners.<br /> <br /> <!–more–><br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>POOL B</strong></font><br /> <br /> Emosi Vucago, the joint leading try scorer from Dubai, scored the first of Fiji's five tries in a comfortable 29-0 defeat of Canada and then was one of three players to score two in their 47-7 defeat of the USA.<br /> <br /> The USA had earlier made a winning debut in George with a 14-12 defeat of France, tries from flyer Takudzwa Ngwenya and Riaan Hamilton giving them a 14-0 lead before France hit back with scores from Joffrey Michel and Loic Mazieres.<br /> <br /> France bounced back to beat Canada 24-14 with two tries from Eddy Labarthe after Rob Turk had given the north Americans, missing their leading try scorer from Dubai in the injured Daniel van der Merwe, an early lead.<br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>POOL C</strong></font><br /> <br /> Fabian Juries scored two tries as South Africa delighted the home crowd with a 24-7 defeat of Argentina in a match which saw three yellow cards. Argentina were awarded a penalty try before local favourite Kabamba Floors touched down at the end.<br /> <br /> Wales produced a slick performance to beat Uganda 38-0 with Lee Williams, James Harris, Martin Roberts, Dafydd Hewitt (2) and James Merriman scoring tries against the only team not to play in Dubai last weekend.<br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>POOL D </strong></font><br /> <br /> Samoa were Plate runners-up in Dubai, but clearly have their sights set higher after following up their impressive 38-7 opening victory over Scotland with a second win, this time a hard fought 22-14 defeat of a battling Tunisia.<br /> <br /> The islanders twice came from behind in the first half against a Tunisian outfit who had fought back from 12-0 down in their first match to draw with Australia after tries from Lofti Ben M'Sallem and Khaled Zegdene, a missed conversion costing them the win.<br /> <br /> Australia therefore needed a win to kickstart their hopes of a Cup quarter-final, but tries from Scott Higginbotham and Stephen McColl saw Scotland recover to triumph 21-10 and record their first win of the tournament.<br /> <br /> Source: <a href="http://www.kbc.co.ke/story.asp?ID=46938" target="_blank"><u><font color="#0000CC"><strong>Kenya Broadcasting</strong></font></u></a>

  • That try will stay on Mark Cueto's mind forever: Q&amp;A

    <br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>You were denied that try by the television referee in the World Cup final. Does it still hurt?</strong></font><br /> <img src="http://www.rugbybahamas.com/images/cueto165x165_248102a.jpg" align="left" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="165" height="165" alt="" /><br /> It's always going to be in the back of my mind. Rob Andrew was speaking to the boys in the dressing room after the final. He had been in a similar situation in 1991 [when England lost to Australia] and said that losing in a World Cup final is something that you will not forget for the rest of your life. Given what happened with that try, for me the memory will only be stronger. (Watch the incident here and judge for yourself)<br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>You said afterwards it was a try. Are you still convinced of that?</strong></font><br /> <br /> I am, absolutely. There was no definite view to prove that it wasn't a try but there were 101 views to prove that it was. In that situation, the benefit of the doubt must go to the attacking side. In any other game, it would have been given.<br /> I don't know how many people have told me that they're certain it was a try. It happens all the time, whether I'm at an event, in the street, or just putting petrol in the car. People will come up to you and want to talk about the try. It's nice that people are interested, that they're passionate about what we did. But it shows you the depth of feeling over the decision.<br /> <br /> <br /> <!–more–><br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>As a result of it, Sky Sports have placed a camera at a new angle in the corner of every ground in the Guinness Premiership. Was this necessary?</strong></font><br /> <br /> Absolutely. The new camera angle will ensure that there are no more 50-50 decisions. Funnily enough, I scored a try for Sale in an almost identical position at the weekend and it was referred to the television umpire, who was able to give it. If we'd had the same camera in the World Cup final, the decision wouldn't have gone against us.<br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>The Rugby Football Association will publish the results of their World Cup review next month. Would you like to see Brian Ashton retained as head coach?</strong></font><br /> <br /> I don't want to speak about that.<br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>Lawrence Dallaglio and Mike Catt were keen to give their opinions of Ashton after the tournament. Were they right to do so?</strong></font><br /> <br /> I believe players have the right to say whatever they want to say. If they want to say something positive, they will. If they want to be negative, they will. Everybody should be able to speak their mind. There will be consequences but they will have considered them beforehand.<br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>England's footballers have been accused of not showing as much passion as the rugby team did. Is that fair?</strong></font><br /> <br /> I don't think it is. What you see on television is only one per cent of what a player is putting in day to day. Yes, footballers will be judged on how they play, just as rugby players will, but I don't think you can make a judgment on the level of players' passion just from watching them on television. That's not fair.<br /> <br /> <font color="#0000CC"><strong>You've played mostly on the wing but played full back for England during the World Cup and have been picked there again for Sale this weekend. Which position do you prefer?</strong></font><br /> <br /> I don't mind. I'm playing at full back this weekend but I've played wing in the last three or four games for Sale. We're fortunate that we have three or four guys at the club who can switch between wing and full back, which can be quite effective.<br /> <br /> If I was being highly critical, I'd say I probably need to play a little more at full back. I enjoy it there. I enjoy the freedom of it and running into the line and the other aspects of that position that you don't have on the wing. But I have spent 90 per cent of my career on the wing and had a lot of success there. Playing on the wing is almost second nature to me.<br /> <br /> Source: <a href="http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/rugby/article2970877.ece" target="_blank"><u><font color="#0000CC"><strong>Times Online</strong></font></u></a>

  • BBC Video Compilation

    <div style="text-align:center"><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" style="width:300px; height:247px" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/XaA80QDH4c4&amp;NR"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/XaA80QDH4c4&amp;NR"></param></object></div> <div align="center"><strong><font color="#0000CC">An excellent little rugby compilation from the BBC - Six Nations 2007</font></strong></div>

  • No Way Back for Dallaglio

    <font color="#FF0000"><strong>English rugby's ruling body have expressed their displeasure at the criticism of coach Brian Ashton by Lawrence Dallaglio and Mike Catt.</strong></font><br /> <br /> <em><font color="#FF0000">Dallaglio and Catt lambasted Ashton over a lack of preparation and organisation, even though he led England to the World Cup final.</font></em><br /> <div align="center"><img src="http://www.rugbybahamas.com/images/dallaglio.jpg" align="" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="330" height="233" alt="" /></div><br /> Catt has since announced his retirement from international rugby but 35-year-old Dallaglio has said he wants to play on.<br /> The Rugby Football Union are conducting a review of England's World Cup performance and have yet to announce whether Ashton will stay on as coach.<br /> But a statement on Wednesday read: <blockquote><p><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/start_quote_rb.gif" style="float:left;vertical-align:top" /><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/end_quote_rb.gif" style="float:right;vertical-align:bottom" /> "The board recorded their extreme disappointment that two senior players have chosen to criticise publicly members of the England coaching team and disclosed alleged proceedings within England team meetings.<br /> "The long-standing ethos of the game, as well as the custom and practice of the England team meetings, is that they have always been private and confidential.<br /> "It is essential that the fundamental trust between players and coaches, which is critical for any team's success, is not undermined." </p></blockquote><br /> <br /> <!–more–><br /> <br /> Rob Andrew, the RFU's elite rugby director, has met Dallaglio and Catt and requested copies of their autobiographies.<br /> Dallaglio retired from international rugby in 2004 before reversing his decision the following year.<br /> He played every game in England's 2003 World Cup triumph, but was a fringe player in this year's tournament.<br /> <br /> Meanwhile, the RFU expressed their pride in England's World Cup performance in their regular monthly meeting today.<br /> The statement continued: <blockquote><p><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/start_quote_rb.gif" style="float:left;vertical-align:top" /><img src="http://www.bigblogmedia.com/images/end_quote_rb.gif" style="float:right;vertical-align:bottom" /> "The RFU management board…congratulated England head coach, Brian Ashton, the England Rugby World Cup squad and the coaching and management team for an excellent RWC campaign and defence of the Webb Ellis Cup won in 2003.<br /> "The RFU and the whole game in England are rightfully proud of their fine, collective performance.<br /> "The review of England's RWC performance is well under way and all 32 RWC squad players and members of the coaching and management team will have an input.<br /> "Rob Andrew will update the management board on the review at their regular monthly meeting on November 26." </p></blockquote><br /> <br /> Source: <a href="http://www.sportinglife.com/rugbyunion/news/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=rugby/07/10/31/RUGBYU_England_Nightlead.html" target="_blank"><u><font color="#0000CC"><strong>Sporting Life</strong></font></u></a>


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