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<strong>Bouncer &amp; Ray</strong><br />
<em>A heartrending tale of Inter-Club Love</em> by Shane Garner<br />
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Throughout history there have been great and tragic tales of love. Love in the face of almost insurmountable obstacles, a love that was not meant to be, and yet….<br />
One is reminded of the poignant Romeo and Juliet; Tony and Maria in West Side Story and, of course, Jamaal and his mirror.<br />
But no tougher challenge can there be than to tumble so completely for a player on an opposing team. Such is the case in this magnificent novel. <br />
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<strong><font color="#FF0000">'Altogether the finest piece of its kind, another Garner Masterpiece'</font></strong><br />
<em>Dougie Fresh, Wibe Magazine</em><br />
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<strong><font color="#FF0000">'The gladiatorial subtext, interwoven with sublime, yet succinct imagery forces the observer into the very fabric of the plot. Angry, yes; unnerved, possibly; but oh, how very telling of the narrative that one cannot help but be transfixed by the metaphor'</font></strong><br />
<em>Bletchley Finchester, Head-up-my-own-Arse Daily</em><br />
<br />
<strong><font color="#FF0000">'A Bit Shit'</font></strong><br />
<em>Dario Rolle, New York Times</em><br />
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<strong><font color="#FF0000">'Bravo! Garner, an altogether top-shelf winner. I laughed and I cried'</font></strong><br />
<em>Coco the Sad Clown, Acklins Echo</em><br />